Episcopal Peace Fellowship issues action alert: Host a Las Vegas vigil Oct. 4

Posted Oct 3, 2017

[Episcopal Peace Fellowship]  Oct. 4 will be a National Day of Action to send #LoveToLasVegas when Donald Trump is expected to visit. The deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history deserves a strong unified response from those of us working to reduce gun violence in our country.

These vigils will honor the victims killed and injured with a strong message to #DemandAction to #EndGunViolence in our nation.

There will be anchor events in Washington D.C. and Las Vegas, with vigils taking place in churches, street corners and parks everywhere in between. Please open your churches, light some candles and host a vigil. Vigil bulletins created by Episcopal Peace Fellowship members are available on the fellowship’s liturgy resource page for you to adapt for your own use. 

Register your vigil so that folks can find it at this website.

And if you need any help at all, just message Episcopal Peace Fellowship on Facebook, and we’ll work with you. We’re in this together.


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  1. Ronald Davin says:

    Is anyone in the Church, reaching out to the families of those in the hospital to see that there needs are being taken care of ? I want to hear of ministers visiting the wounded, of accommodations being offered to the families of the stricken. Time for rallies later, now is the time to take care of the hurting and their families.

  2. Catherine Cheek says:

    Last night our church, Trinity, Columbus, Ohio, hosted an Interfaith vigil for the victims of Las Vegas and their families. My question is when will these mass murders end? I believe, as Christians, we should seek ways to end mass shootings and gun violence. We should work with groups like The Coalition Against Gun Violence. The violence has gone way too far. Our Baptismal Covenant says to respect the dignity of every human being. Fighting against the violence is a good start.

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