'Get serious' about climate change, Anglican Church in Australia tells government

Posted Sep 15, 2017

[Anglican Communion News Service] The federal government should act with a “deepened sense of urgency” over its commitment to the 2015 Paris Climate Accord, according to a motion passed by the Anglican Church’s General Synod last week.

The motion also called for the Church to “get its own house in order by actively seeking to reduce its carbon footprint” and “be a more active participant in the climate change debate.”

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Comments (4)

  1. Rev. Dr. Kathleen L Kircher says:

    Absolutely agree!

  2. P.J. Cabbiness says:

    Get serious about sound scientific analysis and reject the false, ecofascist, politically motivated climate change narrative.

  3. Clement A Hackworthy says:

    Climate change is NOT man made!!!

  4. Richmond Parker says:

    Why , man-made pollution of the atmosphere through emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases is just a hoax . How do I know ? The Trumper told me so ! After all , would the President of the good old U.S.A. tell his people a lie ? Rich

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