National Council of Churches in Korea issues emergency letter to Moon

Posted Aug 10, 2017

The Rev. Kim Young Ju, general secretary of National Council of Churches in Korea. Photo: NCCK

[World Council of Churches] In an emergency letter to South Korean president Moon Jae-In, the National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK) urged immediate dialogue to ease military tension in the Korean Peninsula.

In the letter, the NCCK reiterated its hope to see a peaceful reunification of South and North Korea, but tension has has caused grave concern. “To make matters worse, President Trump has declared that ‘North Korea would face fire and fury, one never witnessed by the world,’ ” states the letter. “Military tension is at its height in the Korean peninsula and there is fear of war spreading among the people.”

The lives of the people in South Korea should not be threatened by the provocative acts of the US and North Korea, said the letter. “The road to peace is a difficult one, but the harder it gets the more important it is that we keep the principle,” the letter states. “We cannot start sincere dialogues when we place blame for the opponent’s extreme actions or when we insist various pre-conditions for dialogue.”

The NCCK expressed its readiness to take active participation. “In order to transform the present crisis into an opportunity and open the door for dialogue, we humbly ask you to immediately dispatch a special envoy to North Korea,” the letter concluded. “Our prayers will be with you always, as you are desperately struggling for a better future of our country.”

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  1. Ronald Davin says:

    Lets leave President Trump alone for just a moment. There are scores of US flight crews on high alert in a ready room for a very extended period on Guam. There are maintenance crews also on high alert, except they could face a nuclear strike after they have launched the aircraft. There are hundreds of military dependents, spouses and children on Andersen AFB Guam who would be annihilated in an attack. There are also about 150,000 Guamanians on the island, Americans all. So for tHe moment, lets remember and pray for all of them for what they are going through and what might be asked of them. Also, many of The crews are on temporary assignment there. Would be nice for Churches to look after and care for dependents left at Ellsworth AFB
    South Dakota, while their families are in harms way..

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