More resources sought for joint Anglican-Old Catholic worship

Posted Jul 11, 2017

[Anglican Communion News Service] Anglicans and Old Catholics meeting in Germany have been examining the results of a survey conducted across five European countries. The survey reflected a high level of awareness of the relationship of full communion between Anglicans and Old Catholics, with respondents requesting more resources for joint worship services.

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  1. Davis Dassori says:

    In 1962, as a student visiting Europe for the first time, I used a booklet published by TEC to find Old Catholic, as well as Episcopal and Anglican, churches and services. I don’t think it’s published any more and think it would be a good idea to revive it, or to publish and update such a directory on the Internet.

  2. Saint Cecilia Catholic Community, Palm Springs, CA, is an Old Catholic parish. We use a variety of sources for liturgy, including Roman Catholic, Episcopal, and Old Catholic. As to the latter, during the season of Ordinary Time after Epiphany, we use an English translation of the German Old Catholic Eucharistic Prayer #5. Since we sing the entire Eucharistic Prayer, I set it to music. If anyone wants a copy, please email me

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