Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s Easter message 2017

Posted Apr 3, 2017


[Episcopal News Service] “Go forth to be people of the Resurrection,” Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop and Primate Michael B. Curry said in his Easter 2017 message. “Follow in the way of Jesus. Don’t be ashamed to love. Don’t be ashamed to follow Jesus.”

The Festive day of Easter is Sunday, April 16.

Easter 2017 Message

It’s taken me some years to realize it, but Jesus didn’t just happen to be in Jerusalem on that first Palm Sunday. He wasn’t on vacation. He wasn’t just hanging out in town. Jesus was in Jerusalem on purpose. He arrived in Jerusalem about the time of the Passover when pilgrims were in the city. When people’s hopes and expectations for the dawn of freedom that Moses had promised in the first Passover might suddenly be realized for them in their time.

Jesus arranged his entrance into Jerusalem to send a message. He entered the city, having come in on one side of the city, the scholars tell us, at just about the same time that Pontius Pilate made his entrance on the exact opposite side of the city. Pilate, coming forth on a warhorse. Pilate, with soldiers around him. Pilate, with the insignias of Rome’s Empire. Pilate, representing the Caesars who claimed to be son of god. Pilate, who had conquered through Rome the people of Jerusalem. Pilate, representing the Empire that had taken away their freedom. Pilate, who represented the Empire that would maintain the colonial status of the Jewish people by brute force and violence.

 Jesus entered the city on the other side, not on a warhorse, but on a donkey, recalling the words of Zechariah:

Behold your King comes to you
Triumphant and victorious is He
Humble and riding on a donkey

Jesus entered the city at the same time as Pilate to show them, and to show us, that God has another way. That violence is not the way. That hatred is not the way. That brute force and brutality are not the way.

Jesus came to show us there is another way. The way of unselfish, sacrificial love. That’s why he entered Jerusalem. That’s why he went to the cross. It was the power of that love poured out from the throne of God, that even after the horror of the crucifixion would raise him from death to life.

 God came among us in the person of Jesus to start a movement. A movement to change the face of the earth. A movement to change us who dwell upon the earth. A movement to change the creation from the nightmare that is often made of it into the dream that God intends for it.

He didn’t just happen to be in Jerusalem on that Palm Sunday. He went to Jerusalem for a reason. To send a message. That not even the titanic powers of death can stop the love of God.  On that Easter morning, he rose from the dead, and proclaimed love wins.

 So you have a blessed Easter. Go forth to be people of the Resurrection. Follow in the way of Jesus. Don’t be ashamed to love. Don’t be ashamed to follow Jesus.

Have a blessed Easter.  And bless the world.  Amen.

The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry
Presiding Bishop and Primate
The Episcopal Church


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  1. John Miller says:

    Always a great message. Jesus conquered violence (the cross) and rose victorious over those powers of force and brutality…What a message for us in these turbulent times.

  2. Marilyn McClure says:

    Beautiful, LOVE WINS! Thank you Bishop , much needed words in these times,when hate seems to take center stage. Thank you Jesus for showing us the Way.

  3. Martha Richards says:

    We always need to remember that we are a Jesus People. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Jo Ann Haseltine says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful message. I Hope to get to verger’s conference in October to meet you in person.

  5. Dr. Erna Lund says:

    Presiding Bishop Curry: Will you be going to Jerusalem or Washington D.C. at this highly Critical Time on the Mission to Represent All faiths: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam wherein we have been taught that Jerusalem is the Cradle of these three faiths…not to be dominated officially and/or otherwise by one faith–Judaism and Israeli dominance. As you must know there is a national/presidential and congressional movement for the capital/embassy to be moved/placed in Jerusalem exclusively.
    We must stand up and speak out against this!! We are relying on you PB Curry,our Spiritual leader and Voice for Compassionate Action for All peoples. As you must know Islam and the Muslims are under seige in the Middle East and also here in the U.S. We all must come together in unity for each other/one another on the common spirit of our Dear Lord Jesus Christ and Mother Mary who are venerated in the Koran(sura/chapter on Jesus); and we are now to celebrate these Glorious Holy Days notably Good Friday…Palm Sunday…Easter Resurrection… We are surrounded by those of Selective Compassion–pick and choose according to one’s religious/political preference!!
    Please we must exhibit strength of body, mind and spirit despite these negative forces!
    Hallelujah–the Lord’s name be praised! May we celebrate with you for All peoples as death and destruction dominates our holy places in the Middle East–where is our Humanity that Jesus exemplified for us? Please restore our humanity and humanitarian Mission so clearly denoted in our baptismal pledge and covenant.

    1. Scott Ball says:

      “As you must know Islam and the Muslims are under seige in the Middle East.” Wait, what?? While I do not believe in moving the capital of Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, to state that Islam is under siege in the Middle East is a statement that shocks the senses. Had you qualified it by saying Islam is under siege because Sunni and Shia have been at war with each other since the inception of the religion, then it would make sense. While not a perfect situation, Arabs in Israel have citizenship rights, including the right to vote. How about Jews and Christians in the Muslim Kingdoms of the Gulf? How many Jews and Christians are welcome in any of these nations? The answer is none. Let us take Saudi Arabia as an example.

      The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an Islamic theocratic monarchy in which Sunni Islam is the official state religion based on firm Sharia law and non-Muslims are not allowed to hold Saudi citizenship. Children born to Muslim fathers are by law deemed Muslim, and conversion from Islam to another religion is considered apostasy and punishable by death. Blasphemy against Sunni Islam is also punishable by death, but the more common penalty is a long prison sentence.
      That said, a Saudi court sentenced a Palestinian man, Ashraf Fayadh, to death for apostasy on November 17, 2015, for alleged blasphemous statements during a discussion group and in a book of his poetry.

      Religious freedom is virtually non-existent. The Government does not provide legal recognition or protection for freedom of religion, and it is severely restricted in practice. As a matter of policy, the Government guarantees and protects the right to private worship for all, including non-Muslims who gather in homes for religious practice; however, this right is not always respected in practice and is not defined in law.

      The Saudi Mutaween, or Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (i.e., the religious police) enforces the prohibition on the public practice of non-Muslim religions. Sharia applies to all people inside Saudi Arabia, regardless of religion.

      I could continue the discussion by exposing the status of women as second class citizens in the Muslim world, or by exposing the hatred and intolerance of Muslims toward others in their worldwide murderous activities through brutal acts of terrorism, but that is for another day. Islam, the world’s fastest growing religion, under siege? One of the most preposterous, ill-informed statements I have ever heard. Bishop Curry is not obliged to adhere to some “Mission to represent all faiths.” He is the democratically elected leader of a loving, inclusive, enlightened branch of the Jesus Movement, The Episcopal Church.

      1. Marilyn McClure says:

        Thank you Scott, for setting the picture straight. Dr. Erna is certainly off the mark.

    2. David Benedict says:

      Amen Brother Lund, we need to stand together in that Holy City when the call comes to reach out and embrace each other as a Holy people. All our faith leaders need to call us to be there where He was there for us.

  6. Jean Barnes says:

    I wish to Thank you for you message Presiding Bishop Curry and to wish you a Blessed Easter.
    God Bless!

  7. Susan Salisbury says:

    Thank you Scott Ball

  8. Bill Louis says:

    Every other article I see on here has PB Curry traveling to some foreign country. Isn’t there enough in the USA to keep him busy? Why is the Episcopal Church funding all these junkets? And thanks Dr. Lund for turning a rather nice Easter message into a Progressive rant. It never ends with you people!

  9. Cherian Mathew + says:

    In a few words the message of Easter is made clear ” Love wins”. Amen
    Cherian Mathew +

  10. Nancy Belcher, Deacon says:

    As always your words speak what we need to hear in this broken world. Thanks and a glorious resurrection day to you.

  11. Dr. Erna Lund says:

    Wonderful to see these responses! Yes I am a voice from the “old days” not too long ago when our presiding bishops such as the late Edmund Browning, PB Frank Griswold when our Spiritual leaders walked(literally) with the bishops of the Diocese of Jerusalem, Bishop Samir Kafity, Suhail Dawani… which included Jordan, Palestine, Gaza, Iraq, Syria, Egypt… then our PB Katherine Jefferts- Schori decided to change her priority to Haiti… and now the Episcopal National Church is not formally represented in the critical Diocese of Jerusalem which now through the U.S. is under continual military seige/occupation with Millions of civilians(children, families suffering/struggling)–Now where is our Humanity and as I tried to remind us Episcopalians our Baptismal Covernant to witness for justice–stand up and speak out for all those voiceless and vulnerable.
    Yes, I was wondering if our Presiding Bishop Curry may re-assess his mission to resurrect our original dedication to our Dear Lord Jesus Christ in his birthplace, ministry and crucifixion in The Holy Land… Yes The Holy Land is under seige with Death and Destruction mainly due to the U.S. military priority of empire to dominate the Middle East,
    Easter is a time of Reflection, Rebirth and Renewal–May we all personally and spiritually use this Blessed time to love one another in these Holy days of Stations of the Cross, Good Friday, and Palm Sunday and the Resurrection of our Dear Lord and Saviour on Easter Sunday!
    Hallelujah–the Lord’s Name be Praised!

  12. Harry Moncelle says:

    Thank you Bishop Curry! We miss you down here in North Carolina. I teach in the Wake County School system. Thank you for helping me to become an activist for love. Please know our family will be praying for you, your family, our church, and asking God to empower us with his love!

  13. Katie Thomson says:

    May you have a blessed Easter. Thank you always for the work that you do to shine the lilght of Christ, in the midst of a fractured world.

  14. Fabio A Sotelo says:

    Thank you bishop for your words of wisdom and hope. Happy Easter to all, FS+

  15. Fabio A Sotelo says:

    Thank you bishop for your words of wisdom for this Easter season. Happy Easter to all, FS+

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