Anglican women to make case for economic empowerment at meeting of United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

Posted Feb 22, 2017

[Anglican Communion News Service] Women from more than 20 countries around the Anglican Communion will be at the United Nations in New York next month to press for greater economic empowerment for women across the globe.

Delegations from the Anglican Communion and the Mothers’ Union will be attending the 61st session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women. There will also be 20 delegates from the U.S.-based Episcopal Church.

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  1. Ronald Davin says:

    In all too many cases American males are fighting with their wives to get $ 10.00 for the day or two, and now we find out it is the women who need economic empowerment ?

    1. Judith Lane Gregpry says:

      It has been proved raise up a woman, raise up her family. This is neither and either or but both. It seems that there is a lot of hurt behind your words. Please make the time to speak with each other and listen to each other. As a representative to the 60th UN conference it does take family’s, communities small and large, the state or province, the country working together.

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