Photos: Episcopalians join Women's Marches across the United States

Posted Jan 23, 2017

The Rev. Susan Copley, rector of Christ Episcopal Church in Tarrytown, New York, right, prepares to head south into New York City for the Jan. 21 Women’s March. Photo: David Copley via Facebook

Members of Church of the Redeemer, Morristown, New Jersey, prepare to board a bus to Washington, D.C., for the Women’s March on Washington. Because of parking limitations in the District of Columbia, Redeemer sought out alternative parking options and St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church in New Carrollton, Maryland, welcomed them. The New Jersey Episcopalians rode the Metro from the New Carrollton stop in Washington, D.C. Photo: Cynthia Black

Krista Donough, Cindy Donough and Erik Donough (l-r) pause for a photo at St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church in New Carrollton, Maryland. Krista and Cindy are sisters, and Erik is married to Cindy. “The people of St. Christopher’s provided fabulous hospitality,” said the Rev. Cynthia Black, rector of the Church of the Redeemer, Morristown, New Jersey. “They welcomed us in the morning and had healthy snack bags for each of us to carry as we marched, as well as coffee and continental breakfast. Then they welcomed us ‘home’ again when it was over with more food. Initially, we were just hoping for somewhere to park the bus – but we were reminded once again what a true family the Episcopal Church is.” Photo: Cynthia Black

Diocese of New Jersey Bishop William “Chip” Stokes meets up with the Rev. Peter James Bridge and his wife Jane outside the Patriots Theater at the Trenton War Memorial building in Trenton, New Jersey. After listening to speakers, the marchers walked the half mile to the New Jersey State House, where they pledged their commitment to action. Photo: Williams Stokes via Facebook

The Very Rev. Malcolm Clemens Young, dean of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, and the Rev. Ellen Clark-King, cathedral executive pastor, welcome more than two hundred Episcopalians and other San Franciscans to the cathedral before they march to the city’s Civic Center. Clark-King read a prayer drafted for the march and California Bishop Marc Handley Andrus blessed the marchers. Photo: Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral and Diocese of California participants display their “Grace for All” signs during the Women’s March on Washington.

A poster carried by Church of the Redeemer, Morristown, New Jersey, member Colleen Hintz stands out above the Washington, D.C. crowd. Photo: Cynthia Black

“For me it was about my granddaughter and all of the little girls that I want a better life for,” said Colleen Hintz, Church of the Redeemer member. “I went as a mother, a grandmother, a public health nurse and a woman of faith to say loud and clear that I respect the dignity of every human being.” From left, Rebecca Walker, Debbie Quinn, Colleen Hintz, all from Church of the Redeemer, Morristown; and Laura Russell, All Saints, Hoboken, New Jersey, march in Washington. Photo: Cynthia Black

In the midst of the crowds in Washington, D.C., Episcopalians were glad to meet each other. They included, left to right, Devon McGuinness (red hat), Church of the Redeemer, Morristown, New Jersey; Itxel Pena and Carmen Saenz, Holy Nativity, Chicago; and Theodore Hoelter (blue hat), Church of the Redeemer. Photo: Cynthia Black

Rebecca Walker, left, and the Rev. Cynthia Black from Church of the Redeemer, Morristown, New Jersey, get ready to march. Redeemer chartered a bus that left Morristown at 4 a.m. Jann. 21 The bus parked at St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church in New Carrollton, Maryland, where they were welcomed and fed before continuing on the Metro to the march. Photo: Colleen Hintz

The Rev. Callie Swanlund, associate rector of Christ Church in Raleigh, North Carolina, gets ready to march in Raleigh. Photo: Callie Swanlund via Facebook

Diocese of New York Bishop Andrew Dietsche joins other Episcopalians outside of the New York Church of the Incarnation holding signs made for the Women’s March. Photo: K. Jeanne Person Facebook timeline

Diocese of New York Assistant Bishop Mary Glasspool and the Rev. Matt Hyde, rector of Church of the Heavenly Rest in Manhattan, pause during the New York Women’s March. Photo: Church of the Heavenly Rest via Facebook


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  1. John William Johnson says:

    Some of you may not know that Barack, our president’s first name is the Luo pronunciation of the Arabic word baraqa, which means “Grace.” He went in with grace, and he left with grace. May the grace of our Lord go with him and his family all his days.

  2. Margaret I Hall says:

    I am so proud of my church……

  3. Joyce Walker says:

    Our grandchildren marched in Denver, carrying a rainbow banner from St. Barnabas Episcopal Church. Thanks, Will & Maggie!

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