Video: Presiding Bishop calls for prayer for Standing Rock Sioux Nation

Thursday, Nov. 3, at noon local time

Posted Nov 2, 2016


[Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs press release] In a new video, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has issued an invitation for prayers for the people of the Standing Rock Sioux Nation and all those gathered in support of the advocacy efforts.

Curry asks that people pause and pray on Thursday, Nov. 3, at noon local time.

Information about Standing Rock:
Presiding Bishop Michael Curry: Statement in support of the advocacy of the people of Standing Rock Sioux Nation

Call is issued to the Episcopal Church to stand with Standing Rock on November 3

Editor’s note: Previous Episcopal News coverage of the Dakota Access Pipeline is here.


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  1. Jon Spangler says:

    Thank you for your message and your stand, Presiding Bishop Curry.

    I am thrilled that a delegation from the Diocese of California, including our bishop, Marc Handley Andrus, will be standing with the Sioux and other First Americans soon to physically represent us.

    Supporters can also “make their prayers tangible” by donating to support the work of Fr. John Floberg and the church through the Episcopal Diocese of North Dakota, either via PayPal or by mailing a check to:

    St. James Episcopal Church
    Cannon Ball, ND 58528:

  2. Rick Britton says:

    We will answer the call for prayer at Noon tomorrow for this unjust action upon our brothers and sisters of the Standing Rock Sioux nation. May our prayers lead to us on a path to takes us to a place of peace and strength for whatever way the struggles take us.

  3. Frank Obrien says:

    I don’t think we should pray only for those on one side of a dispute.

    1. Then pray for whomever you will.

  4. Susan Russell says:

    We’re there.
    “At All Saints Church, we stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux fighting against one more instance of genocidal erasure in the form of the Dakota Access Pipeline, fighting to keep one more piece of their sacred land from being stolen,” said All Saints Rector Mike Kinman. “At the same time, the cries of our indigenous siblings remind us that the very ground we claim as our own at All Saints Church and in Pasadena was itself stolen nearly 250 years ago from the Hahamog’na tribe of the Tongva nation. So we must ask ourselves what justice looks like for them as well, and how Christ is calling us to be agents of that justice today.”

  5. Tom Broad+ says:

    Our already scheduled celebration of Holy Eucharist and Prayers of Solidarity with the Sioux Nation of Standing Rock will begin as the sun is rising over the Missouri River. Not exactly the time our PB is asking, but is seems an appropriate way for us to being the day in that place. Our prayer will be for the protectors, the police, and the people gathered together, that in the midst of their struggles for justice and truth, they may confront one another without hatred or bitterness, and work together with mutual forbearance and respect.

  6. Donald Heacock says:

    I will pray for The Standing Rock. I will pray Federal Governments Court Order is enforced. You support for lawlessNess is dangerous. The people have not been peaceful. They blocked a highway, set fires, occupied private property. It is much safer to transport oil by pipeline rather than by train. While the.Soux are not Indians neither are they Native of this land. They are from Asia there DNA proves this. I will respect the by calling them by their correct name Standing Rock Soux

  7. Catherine Dickson says:

    Prayers from Florida for the Standing Rock Protectors of Water for Life and for all those clergy and other brothers and sisters who journeyed to stand by their side. Kyrie Eleison.

  8. Steven Colburn says:

    In talking to people about the Standing Rock Sioux struggle for self-determination, I have been struck by the media’s lack of understanding of the issues, and their failure to present those issues to the viewing public. One thing the ECUSA could do to help is to make sure those issues are clearly articulated in the media, by public statement that are carried by the major news media. As always, the Native American nations suffer from benign neglect from the hegemonic culture subsuming them. Our duty as Christians is to bring the relevant issues forward!

  9. Grant Bakewell says:

    Thank you again, Bp. Curry! I will be praying with you and many others today in solidarity with the people of Standing Rock and in blessed memory of the faithfully departed–including my own parents and loved ones, those buried at Standing Rock, the Navajo exposed to uranium mining, the Western Shoshone whose treaty was also violated by our government in establishing the Nevada Nuclear test site, and the many hospice and nursing home patients I have been privileged to serve: the many who have taught me how to live, love, and struggle for healing, truth, and justice until our bodies return to mother earth, and our spirits rest in peace to rise in glory. Peace and all Good+

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