Election of gay bishop in Canada spurs complaint to Welby

By André Forget
Posted Oct 18, 2016

[Anglican Journal] Three clergy in the diocese of Toronto have sent a letter to Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby to register dissent and request an “intervention” following the election of Canon Kevin Robertson, a gay man currently living with his partner, to the episcopate in September. Welby, however, has no jurisdiction in Canada; all 38 member churches of the Anglican Communion are autonomous.

The letter, signed by the Canon Murray Henderson (St. Matthew’s Riverdale), the Rev. Catherine Sider Hamilton (St. Matthew’s Riverdale) and Canon Dean Mercer (Anglican Church of St. Paul, L’Amoreaux) argues that the election was “irregular” and “out of order insofar as its slate included a candidate whose lifestyle is contrary to the teaching of the historic and universal church on chastity and marriage.”

They also claim that Robertson’s inclusion was “contrary to the present doctrine and discipline of the Anglican Church of Canada,” and that he was therefore “not duly qualified for the office of bishop.”

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  1. J.F. Hartman says:

    Why do priests and canons of the Church of Canada not know the Archbishop of Canterbury has no jurisdiction whatsoever in provinces of the Communion?

  2. Stephen Abraham says:

    I disagree. Giving ‘honest and faithful service’ is adhering to what you call ‘older doctrines and customs’ of the Church of Christ. The issue is not whether or not the ABC has jurisdiction but whether or not the Holy Bible has jurisdiction over the church of canada. In the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church there is no room for picking and choosing what or what not to believe. Read the advice the head of the Russian Church offered the ABC in his recent visit to the Lambeth Palace on the current situation of Anglicanism. God help us.

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