Anglican resources to strengthen the Bible in the life of the Church

By Gavin Drake
Posted Sep 29, 2016

[Anglican Communion News Service] A new collection of resources to strengthen and support the use of the Bible in the life of the Church has been published by the Anglican Communion. Described as a tool-kit, the Deeper Engagement collection of educational resources has been prepared by the Communion’s Bible in the Life of the Church project “to encourage us, as churches, to engage more deeply with the Bible,” the co-ordinator Stephen Lyon said in a letter to the primates.

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  1. Hugh Hansen, Ph.D. says:

    Archbishop Justin and former archbishop Bishop Rowan have gotten it right by endorsing this project. The Anglican Communion has always had a robust program for reading the Bible. Stephen Lyon has suggested that we engage “more deeply with the Bible.” Such an engagement should start at the top. Bishops and Presiding Bishops (USA) would do well to examine this approach and demonstrate that their addresses, sermons, and leadership are firmly biblically established. St. Paul addressed many of the same maladies in his churches as we experience today. If we had followed St. Paul’s counsel we may have avoided the dissonance and schism over the past decades. The flock of the church has been scattered and their lives have been shattered, and still many more live with uncertainty for the future. The article says, “Episcopal Church in Decline? Denomination Loses Nearly 50K Members, Closes 69 Parishes.” If we seek the Lord “While he may be found” through prayer and faithfulness, we may be able to reverse this trend and become a greater church then ever before. The people are certainly out there and seeking to be established spiritually and religiously.

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