Video: ‘Standing Rock may be the new Selma’

By Mary Frances Schjonberg
Posted Sep 25, 2016

[Episcopal News Service – Cannon Ball, North Dakota] Presiding Bishop Michael Curry spent part of Sept. 24 at Oceti Sakowin Camp, one of the camps along the Cannonball River where people opposed to the Dakota Access Pipeline have gathered. He spoke to “protectors,” as the gathering calls itself, during the daily information and speech time. And he spent an hour listening to people’s hopes for the protest and for the church’s role in supporting the protectors.

During his speech Curry said in part: “I want to now suggest that Standing Rock may be the new Selma. This may well be the moment when nations come together, when peoples of goodwill come together to transform this world from the nightmare that it often is into the dream that God intends so that clean water is available to everybody, so that every man, woman and child knows the peace and the goodness that God intends for us all.”

– The Rev. Mary Frances Schjonberg is an editor and reporter for the Episcopal News Service.


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  1. Kathleen Greene says:

    Our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, is full of love and so wonderful. He cares.

  2. Michael LaFontaine says:

    Beautiful and powerful words of support.

  3. Lee Williams says:

    When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money

    1. David Lee says:

      …nor can you drink oil.

  4. Niabi Hart says:

    I was at camp on this day….I am sad to say we missed this. Many people at camp are preparing for winter. So transformed to see people of good will stand together for Standing Rock.

  5. Danie lEggink says:

    The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Welcome Home

  6. Celeste Taylor, MD, Ph.D. says:

    We stand united.

  7. Bev Goodell says:

    People standing together to defeat the CROOKED DAPL…

  8. Barbara Reynolds says:

    Barbara Reynolds

  9. Ann M Murphey says:

    Sorry but I break ranks here with the Episcopal Church and all those who want to close down the pipe line! I will not argue with you on this and I do not think it is the job of our Bishop to be out there either. There are other ways he can “protest”

    1. Peter Dyckman Fyfe says:

      Whatever has happened between private property rights and eminent domain? A man’s house is his castle- until some powerful entity wants to tear it down.

  10. Kim Hafner says:


  11. larry sharpton says:

    This makes me so proud to be an Episcopalian.

  12. Quetzalhuitzilli Laurita Naranjo says:

    Then let the Many Christian Churches dysmantle the Law of Christendom/ Doctrine of Christian Discovery that contains Manifest Destiny, Eminent Domain, Doctrines of Dominion over Creation so that First Nations People may continue to live our Way of Life, also known as Religious Freedom protected under the U.$.Con$titution. For we have overcompensated, allowed every practice of religious freedom dating back to the original 13 colonies. con respeto, We Are Awakening hearts and Right On Bishop Michael Curry!

  13. Eric w.Thomas sr. says:

    I found this artical really interesting and agree with the Bishop. Clean water is very important in society.we all need it to survive and stay healthy..I hope that Dakota gets what it needs..I no some one there who I hold near and dear to me who happens to be a very beautiful woman native American woman…I reside in Sacramento California.. Nothing but beaches and rivers to much water..

  14. Pehinsawin says:

    Yes, the Lord of Hosts unfailing unconditional love was spoken today. ND Dakota Network of all churches pray ever Wednesday in Bismarck ND for our leaders, communities, State, and Nation. PSALMS 2: 8 says ask of me thy kin for an inhertiance. No man shall get the glory for what the Lord God of Abraham, Jacob and Moses will do for Standing Rock. Our children our the 7th generation sons & daughters and Joel 2 seven promises shall come to pass. EZEKIEL 47:5-9 like a mighty river flows so shall Jesus Holy flow, if there is a clogged channel his spirit will break through and make a new channel. Fast and pray and let us teach our sons and daughters how to pray. Love will make a way. Like our Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault said let is pray for forgiveness and peace. It starts with repentance. Thanks to the Bishops for coming to Standing Rock I have been praying for our 8 districts for unity and restoration. It will happen.

  15. Jean Hayes says:

    I am glad to see the Episcopal Church supporting the protest and appreciate Bishop Curry giving words of encouragement.

  16. Alec CLement says:


  17. Tony Oberdorfer says:

    I agree with Ann Murphey. Once again our Presiding Bishop has acted like a blithering know-nothing.

  18. Richard McClellan says:

    over 50 million americans MURDERED by abortion could have POSSIBLY been devout Episcopalians but they never got the chance. When will your Bishop stomp and moan about this?

  19. Richard McClellan says:

    I apologize for my October 4 post. I battle depression and as you can see, I cannot handle myself well. I truly apologize to those whom I’ve offended.

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