Video: ‘Standing Rock is proclaiming the good news to the whole creation’

By Mary Frances Schjonberg
Posted Sep 25, 2016

[Episcopal News Service – Cannon Ball, North Dakota] Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, preaching Sept. 25 at St. James’ Episcopal Church in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, assured the people of the Standing Rock Sioux Nation that they are not alone in their attempt to be heard about an oil pipeline slated to run under their water supply, over their treaty land and through some of their burial places.

“Standing Rock is proclaiming the good news to the whole creation,” Curry said, echoing Mark’s version of Jesus commissioning his disciples to preach the gospel to all of creation. “Water is part of that creation. The land is part of that creation. None of us own it, none of us made it. It is God’s.”

– The Rev. Mary Frances Schjonberg is an editor and reporter for Episcopal News Service.


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  1. Rev. Stephen C Holton says:

    Perhaps that single garment of destiny, of Dr. King, that the PB quoted earlier at Standing Rock, was an Indian blanket, the best and most lasting and warmest of blankets. It can warm us all as we snuggle together

  2. Pam Nugent says:

    Thank you, Michael Curry. You make me proud to be an Episcopalian. You preach on the side of the angels. You remind us that if we love God, then we must love all of the created world. God bless the courageous people of Standing Rock. You serve on the front lines of the Jesus Movement.

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