Video: Michael Curry on loving, liberating, and life-giving

Posted Sep 15, 2016


[Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs press release] Presiding Bishop and Primate Michael Curry presents a video on the Jesus Movement: Loving, liberating, and life-giving.

The video is also here.

The following is the transcript of the Presiding Bishop’s video message in English and Spanish.

Loving, liberating, and life-giving

We’ve been talking for a little over a year now about being the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement, and somebody recently said to me, “As a bishop, why don’t you paint us a picture, give us a picture of the Jesus Movement so that we can see it?”

When the Gospel is about to be read, the congregation stands up. Something is going on. And then more than that, as the Gospel moment is approaching, a deacon, if there is a deacon in the particular church, a person who has been ordained to be at the intersection of the church and the world, is asked to read or chant the Gospel. And they come down sometimes with the Gospel book held high. And there’s music and the congregation is singing as the Gospel of Jesus, the teachings, the life and the spirit of Jesus enter, in a sense, the room, through the reading of the Gospel. And then, on top of that, everyone in the room turns and reorients from wherever they are, they turn, they reorient themselves, facing the place of the Gospel, and stand for the reading of the Gospel. For hearing the teachings of Jesus. That Gospel moment, the Church has become The Jesus Movement. With life reoriented around the teachings of Jesus and around his very spirit. Teachings and a spirit that embody the love of God in our lives and in this world.

A way of love that seeks the good and the well-being of the other before the self’s own unenlightened interest. A way of love that is not self-centered, but other-directed. A way of love grounded in compassion and goodness and justice and forgiveness. It is that way of love that is the way of Jesus. And that way of love that can set us all free.

Someone once said, “When you look at Jesus, you see one who is loving, one who is liberating, and one who is life-giving.”  And that is what the way of Jesus is about. And that is the Movement of Jesus. A community of people committed to living the way of Jesus, loving, liberating, and life-giving, and committed to going into the world to help this world become one that is loving, liberating, and life-giving.

Jesus once said, “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in Judea, in Samaria . . . “, 42nd Street and 3rd Avenue, you will be my witnesses, witnesses to a way that is loving, liberating, and life-giving.  And that my friends, can change this world.

Putting Jesus at the Center



Life Giving

Relationships With God


Relationships With Each Other


And With All God’s Creation

Environmental Stewardship

The Jesus Movement

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry


Amando, liberando y dando vida

Durante algo más de un año hemos estado hablando de ser la rama Episcopal del Movimiento de Jesús, y recientemente, alguien me dijo: “Como obispo, ¿por qué no nos pinta un cuadro, nos da una imagen del Movimiento de Jesús para que podamos verlo?”

Cuando el Evangelio está a punto de ser leído, la congregación se pone de pie. Algo está pasando. Y luego, algo más que eso, al acercase el momento del Evangelio, a un diácono, si hay un diácono en esa iglesia particular, una persona que ha sido ordenada para estar en la intersección de la iglesia y del mundo, se le pide que lea o cante el Evangelio. Y van a veces con el Evangelio en alto. Y hay música y la congregación canta mientras el Evangelio de Jesús, las enseñanzas, la vida y el espíritu de Jesús entran, en cierto sentido, en el lugar, a través de la lectura del Evangelio. Y luego, además de eso, todos en la iglesia se giran y se reorientan desde donde se encuentran, se vuelven, se reorientan así mismos hacia el lugar del Evangelio, y quedan de pie para la lectura del Evangelio. Para escuchar las enseñanzas de Jesús. En ese momento del Evangelio, la iglesia se ha convertido en el Movimiento de Jesús.

Con la vida reorientada en torno a las enseñanzas de Jesús y en torno a su propio espíritu. Enseñanzas y espíritu que encarnan el amor de Dios en nuestras vidas y en este mundo. Una forma de amor que busca el bien y el bienestar del otro en vez del propio ignorante interés. Una forma de amor que no está centrada en uno mismo, sino orientada hacia el otro. Una forma de amor basada en la compasión y la bondad y la justicia y el perdón. Esa forma de amor es el camino de Jesús. Y esa forma de amor es la que nos liberará a todos.

Alguien dijo una vez: “Cuando miras a Jesús, ves a uno que ama, a uno que libera, y a uno que da vida”. Y eso es lo que es el camino de Jesús. Y ese es el Movimiento de Jesús. Una comunidad de personas comprometidas a vivir el camino de Jesús, amando, liberando y dando vida, y comprometidas a ir al mundo para ayudar a que este mundo se convierta en un mundo que sea amoroso, liberador y dador de vida.

Jesús dijo una vez: “Recibiréis la fuerza del Espíritu Santo, que vendrá sobre vosotros, y seréis mis testigos en Jerusalén, en Judea, en Samaria…”, en la calle 42 y en la tercera avenida, seréis mis testigos, testigos de una manera que sea amorosa, liberadora y dadora de vida. Y eso, mis amigos, puede cambiar este mundo.Top of Form

El Obispo Presidente Michael Curry

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Comments (12)

  1. The Rev Valerie Webster says:

    Inspired and inspiring. . . . So simple, yet so profound. . . . Amen

  2. Frances Gresley says:

    Such a beautiful and thought-provoking message. I love how the Bishop explained what happens when the gospel is read .

  3. Fabio A Sotelo says:

    “Jesus movement” that is what we are, so well described. Great way to open the conversation with other ways to follow Jesus.

  4. Dawn Switzer says:

    This was powerful!! But I was struck by how few people were curious enough to even look at Bishop Curry.

  5. Tom fricke says:

    Thank you Jesus for bringing us such a great leader and teacher

  6. Josh Thomas says:

    Love the message, hate the video: specifically those occasional baby steps he takes up the avenue. I kept waiting for him to trip on the sidewalk, a fire truck to go screaming by or some other mini-disaster. I was so distracted by the location and that hesitant walk that it was hard to focus on his message. Next time grab a bench in Central Park and stay put; there will still be pedestrians passing by (if that’s important), but I won’t be looking at the wrong thing.

    And I jeered at the laundry list of topics at the end, like Environmental Stewardship, which he didn’t say a word about – and which, however godly an imperative, is never mentioned in the Sermon on the Mount or anywhere else in the Gospels.

    I mention this because they asked for feedback. Mine is: too many distractions, quit while you’re ahead, keep it simple stupid.

    1. Richard Lassen says:

      Josh, I can appreciate your perspective. Christianity is not a movement but a way of life. As I was viewing this I was thinking to myself of the diversity of messengers of God’s kingdom from the 1st church to the sectarianism of today. A picture of the Jesus Movement from the ’60’s to today. May God bless his messengers of all colors and stripes.

  7. Maxanna Demko says:

    The Episcopal Church and all Christian churches, for that matter, are so blessed to have Bishop Curry as our Presiding Bishop. What an inspiration to us all.

  8. Diane Simoni says:

    The music and words are serene and peaceful. Yet, the lack of connection to the people going by made me cringe as it seemed the Jesus movement is about being in the church building listening to the words rather than out their actually engaging with all those people- those temples of the Holy Spirit walking right by without so much as a nod. I wouldn’t recommend this to a friend as a witness of how loving and giving Episcopalians can be… I think scenes of people actually those words at the end might have been more of the painting he has been asked for…

    1. Debra R. Boender says:

      Ah, listen to the end! It brings the movement right into the world where Bishop Curry says it belongs. While some people passed by, I’ll bet there were others, yes even in NYC, who were gathered behind the camera to watch and listen to what was being said! To be able to stand on a street in NYC and explain and share this message is really amazing. He has brought this message right out into the world and what better way to demonstrate this part of the Episcopal Church than to be out preaching this message on the streets of NYC? This is the Spirit living the Good News in the world!

  9. Stryker Smith says:

    I always thought that John 3:13 was what the “Jesus Movement” should be about- that is our salvation. But I saw not a word of that in PB Curry’s statement. Why not?

  10. Debra R. Boender says:

    What a beautiful description of our church’s sharing of the gospel each week, and using it in parable form to describe the Jesus Movement! Thank you Michael for this. I wish it was in a format to share with others who will not see and hear it.

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