New Zealand: Archbishop Brown Turei to resign

Posted Aug 23, 2016

[Anglican Taonga] Archbishop Brown Turei has announced his intention to retire after more than 65 years in ordained ministry. He will resign as bishop of Tairawhiti at the end of this year, and as bishop of Aotearoa – leader of the Maori arm of the Anglican Church – from the end of March next year.

Turei says that it has been “the great privilege of my life to have served as a deacon, priest and bishop in this wonderful church. I am indebted to Christ, and to my wife, family and all those who helped me along the way. It is my hope now that I may be able to retire with the dignity and the honor that the roles I have carried so rightly deserve.”

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  1. Dr Jenny Te Paa Daniel says:

    A truly humble, deeply compassionate church leader, consummate Priest and greatly treasured family friend. I pray Archbishop Brown’s vision for a settled season within which the indigenous Church might gather all the baptised into Spirit filled future discernment conversations.
    The saddest spectacle however is instead now watching unseemly grabs for succession to the ‘Throne’ – the first moves to disenfranchise those most likely to challenge the current self-proclaimed presumptive nominees are already almost completed . . . Lord in your Mercy . . .

    1. Pat Eustis says:

      Hear our prayer.

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