ELCA approves Lutheran-Roman Catholic ecumenical document

Posted Aug 12, 2016

[ELCA News] The 2016 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) Churchwide Assembly took several significant steps Aug. 10 moving forward the mission of this church as a church for the sake of the world.

By a vote of 931 to 9, the assembly overwhelmingly accepted the “Declaration on the Way,” a unique ecumenical document that marks a path toward greater unity between Roman Catholics and Lutherans. Following the vote, an emotional assembly stood to applaud the momentous decision.

At the heart of the document are 32 “Statements of Agreement” that state where Lutherans and Roman Catholics do not have church-dividing differences on topics about church, ministry and the Eucharist. More tentatively, the document also explores differences that remain.

“Dear sisters and brothers, let us pause to honor this historic moment,” said ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth A. Eaton, addressing the assembly following the vote. “Though we have not yet arrived, we have claimed that we are, in fact, on the way to unity. After 500 years of division and 50 years of dialogue, this action must be understood in the context of other significant agreements we have reached, most notably the ‘Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification’ in 1999.”



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  1. Bp. H W Shipps says:

    I would like to read this document as I did the one on Justification.
    It sounds like good progress.
    Perhaps our ecumenical office will provide.

  2. Roger D White says:

    ELCA Lutherans are obviously moving forward in their ecumenical relations with the Roman Catholic Church. I believe the Episcopal Church is being left in the dust here.

    1. Fr Jeffrey L Hamblin, MD says:

      I agree it does feel like Anglicans/Episcopalians are being left behind.

  3. Richard Bidwell says:

    As a “Lutherpalian” I am excited to hear the news.

  4. John Simpson says:

    That we all may be one…

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