Video: Presiding Bishop asks for prayers for Nice, France

Posted Jul 15, 2016


[Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs press release] Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop and Primate Michael Curry has issued the above video asking every Episcopalian to share in deep prayer for Nice, France, following a deadly attack on July 14 that killed 84 people and injured more than 200.

The video also is available here and here.



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  1. Ann Fontaine says:

    I cannot copy the embed code — is there one? Thanks

  2. Ann Fontaine says:

    I think there is an issue using mac to copy the embed code.

  3. Teresa Wakeen says:

    Thank you so much, Bishop Curry. God bless your continued ministry that always points us back to the source of life and hope.
    Teresa Wakeen
    Dio. MI

  4. Rev,Minister Lana Batiste says:

    I. Find it very necessary, to pray with out ceasing. Matthew, explains, if two, or more are joined together Jesus, is in the mist. Let’s lift up holy hands, in all the universe, and hold up the blessing for all. Saved and unsaved, to give God, the understanding, we need him. Bereaved families, are all over, and need that spiritual hug and keep in the universe I. Rich words to Christ in the next week
    Heaven’s Lord, we are in great , pain, and much suffering. Oh, Lord we need you ever day of life.
    looking down, would you, accept us, and heal the earth. Christ, we love you,and need heavens power help now. Hebrew 11:1 speaks Now faith is the substances of things hope for evidence of thing not seen. See this planet Oh Lord, see we need
    Your super natural help, intervene, and we will give you daily,hourly,praise. In Jesus Christ name ,amen. Ministering for you Christ Rev,minister Batiste.

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