EU Referendum: Statement by the bishops of the Church in Wales

Posted Jun 24, 2016

The Bishops of the Church in Wales have responded to yesterday’s EU referendum in the U.K. with the following joint statement.

In facing the outcome of the EU referendum, we commend a period of calm and reflection as the UK seeks to find its way forward in this new situation.

As Christians we hold to the Gospel values of truthfulness, inclusion, and respect; and so after the passionate debate, we pray for reconciliation amongst the divided factions in our nations, communities and families.

We pray for the United Kingdom and for our partners in Europe and the rest of the world at this time of uncertainty, as we continue to work together to build a just and peaceful future in which all people can flourish.

Dr Barry Morgan, The Archbishop of Wales
John DaviesThe Bishop of Swansea and Brecon
Wyn EvansThe Bishop of St Davids
Andy JohnThe Bishop of Bangor
Gregory CameronThe Bishop of St Asaph
Richard PainThe Bishop of Monmouth
David WilbourneThe Assistant Bishop of Llandaff


Comments (2)

  1. Of course we pray for all involved. I believe there are more involved than British Prime Minister, David Cameron, Conservative had given thought of. It is apparent to me that most BIG mistakes made by those in governance, especially in government are conservative. Mr David Cameron has made a very big mess out of what was a non-issue into perhaps the beginning of the financial collapse of the world banking system. Poor Scotland was out there in front, “Remember we were with you”! What a mess and Mr. Cameron like most good Conservatives is skipping through the back door. Can’t wait to see former London mayor, Boris Johnson a U.S.-born (New York City , 1964) right winger may become the United Kingdom’s next prime minister after the Brexit vote. There is one in the eye for the Mayer of London. So once again I have to say thgat even across the ocean, leave it to a conservative to break the china. Best to all in Europe, you may find out you are better off when all said and done. Had they taken the Queen as figure head this could not have happened and they would have had to face their xenophobia of many shades. Happy Birthday Betty! Love, John

  2. Stephen stephens says:

    As a welsh episcopalian residing in New Mexico , USA! I have read with interest the responses of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the archbishop of Wales. I am pleased at the call for tolerance and respect for all political views. I think that there are challenging times ahead regardless of which direction things move. I hope that the needs of Wales and welsh people are not lost in the increasing chaos. My concern for the unique welsh culture is raised by the possible fragmentation of the United Kingdom. Wales , in my lifetime, has been an inclusive , tolerant country able to embrace others while retains its unique identity. I hope that the place of St David, ” be joyful keep the faith” and the historical Celtic Christian tradition will retain its identity. I fear that if Scotland remains in the EU outside the UK. Wales will become an adjunct to England and the gains made so painfully since the 1960’s will be lost.

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