Updated book helps exploration of Holy Land

Posted May 27, 2016

ens_052716_bookCover[Anglican Communion News Service] An updated version of the book “Land of Promise?” has been published to help people delve deeper into Christian attitudes to the Holy Land and Zionism.

The Travellers’ Guide to Land of Promise?” includes stories and exercises designed to appeal to anyone who wants to engage more with the issues, whether they are preparing to go on a pilgrimage, studying at theological college or looking for material for a group to work through.

“We wanted to make the book more experiential,” explained the guide’s author, Stuart Buchanan. “The aim is to get into people’s perception, to meet them where they are and help them explore issues together.

The book can be bought through the Anglican Communion’s online shop or downloaded for free (pdf).

Land of Promise?” was produced by NIFCON – the Anglican Communion Network for Inter Faith Concerns – in 2012 following discussions at ACC-14 three years earlier.


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  1. Vicki Gray says:

    Might I also suggest “Steadfast Hope,” available from the Episcopal Peace Fellowship.

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