Archbishop of Canterbury responds to events in Brussels

Posted Mar 22, 2016

[Lambeth Palace press release] Responding to events in Brussels this morning, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said:

“In the great Holy Week of Christian prayer and mercy, the Brussels attacks shock all those who seek peace and justice through the terrible cruelty and utter separation from all that is of God. Once again we see the contrast between the vain efforts to terrify through indiscriminate murder, and the call of God to be those who show mercy, who seek peace and pursue it. Let us at every service this week pray for those caught up in the traumatic events at the airport and in the City of Brussels.”


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  1. Anthony Price says:

    There are two Church of England congregations in the Brussels region – Holy Trinity and St Paul’s, and one US Episcopal congregation – All Saints’ Church. All three congregations have members from around the world. Brussels is considered the heart of Europe and the seat of the EU civil service. Today’s bombings are an abomination on all who strive for a better world.

  2. Lyn Sims says:

    Pray for the souls of those who are caught up in hatred and need for violence. Christ teaches us thus.

  3. Carolyn W Cameron says:

    Our prayers are with those in Brussels, Paris, and other cities targeted by those who do not believe that God has the capacity to love us ALL. That GOD is the same God for us all: He reigns supreme, regardless of our name for Him.

    1. Ronald Davin says:

      “Praise the Lord,and pass the ammunition” was a popular song during WW2, perhaps it is time to bring it back.

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