Presiding Bishop and Primate speaks on actions at Primates Meeting

Posted Jan 15, 2016

[Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs press release] Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop and Primate Michael Curry has issued a video statement concerning the actions of the Anglican primates at their meeting in Canterbury, England.

The following is the text of the presiding bishop’s statement:

Before I say a word about our gathering here at the Primates Meeting, I just want to say a word of thank you to you for all of your prayers: your prayers for this meeting, your prayers for me personally, both here and in my earlier sickness. We are well, and God is God, and I thank you.

Let me say a word about the meeting.

This is not the outcome we expected, and while we are disappointed, it’s important to remember that the Anglican Communion is really not a matter of structure and organization. The Anglican Communion is a network of relationships that have been built on mission partnerships; relationships that are grounded in a common faith; relationships in companion diocese relationships; relationships with parish to parish across the world; relationships that are profoundly committed to serving and following the way of Jesus of Nazareth by helping the poorest of the poor, and helping this world to be a place where no child goes to bed hungry ever. That’s what the Anglican Communion is, and that Communion continues and moves forward.

This has been a disappointing time for many, and there will be heartache and pain for many, but it’s important to remember that we are still part of the Anglican Communion. We are the Episcopal Church, and we are part of the Jesus Movement, and that Movement goes on, and our work goes on. And the truth is, it may be part of our vocation to help the Communion and to help many others to grow in a direction where we can realize and live the love that God has for all of us, and we can one day be a Church and a Communion where all of God’s children are fully welcomed, where this is truly a house of prayer for all people. And maybe it’s a part of our vocation to help that to happen. And so we must claim that high calling; claim the high calling of love and faith; love even for those with whom we disagree, and then continue, and that we will do, and we will do it together.

We are part of the Jesus Movement, and the cause of God’s love in this world can never stop and will never be defeated.

God love you. God bless you. And you keep the faith. And we move forward.

The Most Rev. Michael Curry
Presiding Bishop and Primate
The Episcopal Church


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  1. Bernard DeKoninck says:

    “You, sinful and godless you !” … yelled the African bishop from the pulpit…while his three wives listened attentively from the pews

    1. Michael Denny says:

      Adultery is permitted in African Anglican churches? I thought polygamy was not a Christian
      practice! If it is, can women have more than one husband? Seems two single gay people in a marriage is rather conservative. We had best make sure none of our homosexual money is sent to these churches or it may corrupt them. Modern day pharasaical law must prevail! Anyone of them must be ready to cast the first stone!

  2. Praise God for Our Primate, Bishop Michael. Let us follow the leader!

  3. Paul Vandevert says:

    Amen, and again I say Amen. God has sent all of us a messenger in Michael Curry that will lead us back to the Way.

  4. Judith Hoy says:

    God bless us EVERYONE – EVERY ONE. Thank you, Bishop, for your patient and calm presence.
    We will see this through together.

  5. Owen Prince says:

    Please explain where in the Bible sin is condoned. God is love but He is also a righteous God. From Genesis to Revelation sin is called sin and never accepted.

    1. dolly patterson says:

      huh? what is your point?

  6. Jane F. Wacaster says:

    Bishop Curry reminds us that we are centered on Jesus’ message to us that God calls us all to be God’s children, and as such, we are called to minister to each other, to call out the best in each other, to celebrate God’s presence in each of us. Christianity is NOT an exclusive club for those with whom we agree or whom we consider to be “right” or “beautiful.” Christianity is an opportunity to learn about and appreciate and love those different from us while we acknowledge God’s omnipotence and omnipresence. God is bigger than we are!

    1. april mullins says:

      thank you, Jane. Thank you thank you thank you.

  7. margo lomax says:

    No one can presume to know the mind of God. We will be very surprised when we get to heaven and find those whom you pointed fingers at are there seated wih God. At that point He might just say “Go away. I never knew you.”

    1. Bev Bammel says:

      Margo, peace to you. I comment only to say that you seem to know such a small minded God, a small God. God is love. Jesus gave us only 2 commandments: love God and love your neighbor as you love yourself. God is love. There will be few, if any, that God pushes away. God’s love is so immense; please don’t diminish God. God loves you and all of us. God is love.

  8. Angus Ian says:

    How lucky is the Episcopal Church to be led by a man of faith and integrity who can speak so clearly of the things that make communion a reality between Episcopalians world-wide. How sad for the Church of England that it has failed to live up to genuine Christian integrity and is led at this time by a Chief Executive Officer concerned more with political expediency than true spiritual honesty. For those of us who know, love and have worked for the churches in Africa and who also know and admire TEC, its faithfulness to the opus dei, the outcome of the Primates’ meeting reflects a subtle but dangerous move away from mutual understanding to a polarisation forced by extremists

  9. Errol Narain says:

    Here you see a man so different from his words at his installation, a man who is not a Fundamentalist but an Anglican who is alert to a changed global world, a world that demands the use of inlellect to make sense of a new emerging world, and a deep spirituality grounded n the immanent, dynamic Presence of God who is beyond all human beliefs and structural order. He is an Anglican of the first order. meaning he has a faith relationship that uses body, spirit and mind. This brings into question whether Global Soiuth elected hierarchy, and constituency are really Anglican. The Christian Colonizers taught the natives to blindly obey beliefs but never to think, especially out of the box. Jesus was given at Christmas a gift the church. He continues to have difficulty in taking this gift out of the box.

  10. Christopher Braginetz says:

    We in Canada not only support you, but were there first in our ‘catholic’ (as in inclusive) outlook to first
    women as complete equals then gay marriage.

    I expect our African and Asian sisters and brothers will come around in time.

  11. Greg Ladewski says:

    The sad reality is that The Episcopal Church cannot go backward, and, for the time being, too much of the Anglican Communion cannot move forward. If this means schism, so be it. We hope for unity, but “Here we stand.” The Episcopal Church is not, and will not be silent on issues of equality, nor will we be cowed by unjust sanctions. The future lies with equality, not bigotry. I do not expect that the Lord will cast anyone out for holding antiquated and bigoted beliefs — these are rooted in a tradition of blindness. Some day we will all stand before the Throne, all sinners, all sincere, and all together.

  12. Paul Paynton says:

    A comment of support from an Angkican Priest in Lincoln, England. I and many here are sad at the sanctions put upon the Episcopalian Churc. Am proud to see your response and your desire for the unity of our precious Anglican Communion.

    It is hoped that the Afrucan Anglicans will also reflect on their own human rights, and heterosexual relations, as there is muc for them to ponder upon.

    It us so difficult to hold all the diverse cultures in unity in our wonderful Communion. We are a loving, caring and thinking communion. Thank you Bushop Curry for showing this in your humble response.

    God bless.

  13. L Spatt says:

    As I know too well (having been part of the debate at Diocesan level) the Church of England has – unilaterally – condoned and allowed remarriage after divorce in church, even if there is an ex-spouse still living. Was the rest of the Anglican Communion “consulted” on this quite radical change before implementation? I think not. Many would condemn it as unbiblical; as certainly Jesus as quoted in the Gospels had far more to say about divorce and remarriage, and nothing at all about any firm definition of marriage as being between ONE woman and ONE man, for life. This comes from the Book of Common Prayer and is Cranmer. Cranmer is not Scripture. The Gospel writers are merely using Genesis in an incorrect manner, where a literal reading of the verse about “therefore a man leaves his father and mother” etc could be taken as a command for all men being required to enter into a heterosexual relationship …including Jesus and the Pope. The Primates’ Meeting statement sanctioning TEC was a mealy mouthed hypocritical pronouncement kowtowing to “the majority”, some of whom probably have polygamous “marriages” in their own Provinces; and disenfranchising all people who are created to love someone of their own sex. People who wish to publicly demonstrate that love in a sacramentally celebrated, faithful relationship. Good on Presiding Bishop Curry. Would that the Anglican Communion had more of his courage and integrity. Many on this side of the pond are with you, TEC, both heterosexual and homosexual.

  14. Howard E. Blunt, Jr. + says:

    Bishop Curry, Thank you so much for your remarkable response to the recent decision in England. I am a long time priest of this church Diocese of Long Island. I am now retired but enjoy
    the privilege from the Bishop here to continue serving. What is more I am Black and Gay. So I have known full well what it is to be marked by prejudice and hurtful agenda. But I have tried for close to 50 years to serve God’ s people and to preach salvation in the Lord Christ. You have just
    marked a map for all here in the USA. And I hope, pray and believe that such grace and that you espouse will give us all much substance wisdom and love whatever and where ever our needs are worldwide. I look forward to some opportunity to meet you personally with a face to face gratitude for who you are and what you are given to do. Howard

  15. Douglas Hutto says:

    thank you Bishop Curry…in our perseverance we shall indeed overcome in peace and through the love of our LORD Jesus CHRIST…thank you for you wisdom and diligence. My journey has been one of ups and downs, Bishop Curry. We know each other from the diocese of North Carolina and attended many of the conventions together…your guidance to go back to Galilee is poignant now in light of this recent decision. We are still here and will continue the Jesus movement..many a time in my own journey I pondered the my role and how I could be useful. As a gay man, living out my faith, having sought the diaconate and priesthood and was discouraged, having now being married to my partner of 35 years, both of us serving in our capacities at St Peters, sharing our love of the CHRIST in our lives and others, I am serving now as verger/minister of ceremony in our parish. I spoke earlier in my journey about the priesthood but another bishop was installed during that time and it was just not for a gay man to become a priest. Then I thought I would be a deacon. I did not further that role. All I ever wanted was to serve our LORD in some capacity. My love of liturgy and worship has always been inspiration for me and now with Ft Ollie and Mt Joslyn I have been able to participate in the worship, using the gifts that have been given me…all this is to say that what the primates have deemed unseemly by the Episcopal church in the USA will not discourage me..thank you for your guidance and wisdom. It was always a pleasure to serve you at St Peters in the earlier years as your chaplain..thank you…Doug Hutto

  16. Kevin Miller says:

    We cannot change the progress that we have made! Let us continue to show that Jesus loves and welcomes all!

  17. stewart david wigdor says:

    The Anglican Communion is right on their understanding of Jesus but wrong in their punitive sanctions. Why didn’t they come forward and rescue marriage in the court of the USA even to the Supreme Court? Why did they not come forward and rescue the many church buildings and landsd lost in litigation with the National church? Why did they not come forward rescueing the church itself to proscribe gay and lesbian clergy? No they waited until the clergy in USA decided to change the words of the prayer book denoting genders. truly your calumny toward the episcopal church is wrong. But to say we cannot judge eachother because Jesus does not judge is not understanding the Gospel. Love is not simply embracing eachother it is seeking to be embraced by God. And when you sin no more. this is what Mary Magdalene heard from Him.I pray that you stop being attracted to your human reflections and achieve the enlightenment to be of our Lord seeking to meet Him. I hope this rescues all.

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