Archbishop of Canterbury calls for prayer ahead of Primates Meeting

Posted Jan 6, 2016

[Lambeth Palace] Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby is asking people to pray for the primates of the Anglican Communion who will be meeting in Canterbury Jan. 11-16. The leaders of the 38 Anglican provinces will be at the gathering, which was called by Archbishop Justin Welby in September last year.

Welby says: “As we approach the Primates Meeting we need to recognize that we’re going to be dealing with some very, very difficult issues – within the life of the Anglican Communion but also hugely difficult issues that are affecting the whole church of Christ and our whole world.

“What I would ask people to pray for more than anything else is wisdom and love. That the love of Christ for each of us, for each of us who are sinners, each of us who fail, will so overwhelm us that we are able to love each other as we should. And wisdom that we may know the call and purpose of God and in love and wisdom serve his world in the way he calls us to.”

The agenda will be set by common agreement with all primates. It is likely to include the issues of religiously-motivated violence, the protection of children and vulnerable adults, the environment, and human sexuality.

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  1. I would point out young mn to the Archbishop that when you set an age limet between 20-35, he excludes well over 50 % of the church he is Primate over. It may be over that percentage. Even if it were not you are excluding at least half of the very people you need to succeed. Ageism is a very insidious form of discrimination if I may say so. Actually people don’t realize that they prefer to look at a young, attractive male or female rather than an older male or female. It comes down to being very shallow. As for Jesus I doubt he would deal with age limits at all. So why are you? Anyway something to think about before you start your tenure as Prior to The Bishops parish.

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