Video: Interview with Presiding Bishop-elect Michael Curry

Posted Jun 30, 2015

[Episcopal News Service] In an 18-minute interview with the Episcopal News Service, Presiding Bishop-elect Michael Curry speaks about his priorities for leadership and administration, the role of the church in engaging God’s mission in the world, the state of race relations in the U.S., the importance of Anglican Communion partnerships, and his commitment to what he calls the Jesus Movement, to go out into the world “to bear witness to the good news of Jesus.”


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  1. Bishop Joel Marcus Johnson says:

    Hearing +Michael in this interview, and in his sermons, is inspiring. As the first duty of a bishop is to be a pastor to his pastors – deacons, priests and bishops – he has a deeply transformational character which I see affecting all ministries, to “the least of these, my brethren,” to the whole family of the Church. How grateful!

  2. Judy Mathews says:

    We who have known Bp. Curry in North Carolina are happy to knpw that he can give his work talents to our Church in all dioceses–in the US and abroad.

  3. Tod Roulette says:

    For a while I am still going to feel a bit ajar after learning to appreciate the steady slow words of Bishop Jefferts Schori. What a phenomenal leader and pastor she has been. Personally attacked for her gender and authority as a woman, she has stood firm in the Spirit. I have every confidence in Bishop Elect Curry and am refreshed by his conviction, anecdotes and having been the son of an Episcopal priest–who still chose to be a priest!! Wow

  4. Jeffrey Knox says:

    I too am a life long Episcopalian who for 50 of my 74 years have been an priest in CNY, graduating from Berkeley at Yale. Like Bishop Curry I was raised by family and friends of Trinity, Seneca Falls, NY.
    What I’ve in my 74 years is: “life has changed but it has not ended.” To be rooted in a life long faith is a gift I give thanks for every day for the people of God, living here and surrounded by. Amen to your words in the Matthew story….when did we see you ….when do we not see hungry….”How can a man be born again when he is old….This is the day the Lord has made . Let us be glad and rejoice in it….

  5. Patricia Jankowski says:

    Hearing +Michael Curry express his faith and his vision for the Episcopal Church fills me with excitement. Surely the Holy Spirit is working through him and I pray all followers of Jesus will follow the presiding bishop’s leading in the Jesus Movement.

  6. Douglas M. Carpenter says:

    I have been in conversations where Episcopalians asked why the name of Jesus is not spoken more frequently and more passionately. Bishop Curry must have heard these conversations. What a blessing he is. What an authentic and passionate follower of Jesus.

  7. Matt addington says:

    i have worked with Bishop Curry and he can excite folks 10 to 110 about jesus. I am sad to see him go but excited to think about where he can lead the church as a whole. Great preacher, great theologian, kind spirit, fun person…and as our president said in his eulogy of rev Pickney…a good man.

  8. Gabriela Kelly says:

    Wow. He is a great person and seemingly a great leader. I can’t wait to see what happens.

  9. Michael Fargis says:

    Michael speaks of equality, neutrality, and common ground – good for him.

  10. Deacon Alison Carpenter Lucas says:


  11. Vicki Gray says:

    In Michael I find hope…hope that the Church will move beyond its buildings, its organizational flow charts, its budgets, its caution, its fears…hope that in the Jesus Movement we can find the Jesus who is too big for any building or institution and, at last, really try Christianity

  12. ken whitley says:

    “… we must GO among the people, not expecting them to come to us …” Amen, Bishop-elect Michael Curry.

  13. Michael Bertaut says:

    I’m thrilled to hear Bishop Curry say he’s going to push us back to the “Jesus Movement”. I trust he will find within that movement ALL of Jesus teachings for us, including love, compassion, His role as Savior, His Dominion over heaven, earth, disease, death, and nature.

    AND his admonitions to us, like “No one comes to the Father except through me” and
    “Go and Sin no more.”


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