Video: Bishops lead march against gun violence

By Matthew Davies
Posted Jun 28, 2015

[Episcopal News Service — Salt Lake City] About 1,500 General Convention participants joined a Bishops United Against Gun Violence procession in Salt Lake City the morning of June 28.

The prayerful procession walked the half-mile from the Salt Palace Convention Center to Pioneer Park while marchers sang hymns and prayed. Members of Utah anti-gun violence groups and civil rights organizations joined in.

Diocese of Maryland Bishop Eugene Sutton said society faces what he called an “unholy trinity” of poverty, racism and violence. Presiding Bishop-elect Michael Curry told participants that they had gotten up early to join the 7:15 a.m. procession because “that unholy trinity threatens the life of us all.”


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  1. David P. Wilson says:

    God bless them All. Religious activism is needed to make the Faithful stand and be counted for Peace and Prosperity to overtake the Evil that is rising to destroy us. People united in passive protest speaks to God. Violence and bloodshed are the weapons of the wicked!

  2. Paula Hamby says:

    Thank God for the uplifting messages of our Episcopal Bishop-Elect Michael Curry!
    Proud of our Bishops and all those in attendance at the Salt Lake City General Convention…especially our W. TN delegation led by our wonderful Bishop Don E Johnson.
    Very moving prayer procession today again gun violence…O Lord, in our time may poverty, racism and poverty be changed by the power of God’s love as we reach out to those in need!

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