Deputies elect 13 Church Pension Fund trustees; two clergy Executive Council members

By Tracy J. Sukraw
Posted Jun 28, 2015

[Episcopal News Service – Salt Lake City] The House of Deputies on June 28 elected 13 trustees of the Church Pension Fund and two clergy members of Executive Council.

Six lay members of Executive Council are to be elected when the House of Deputies reconvenes on June 29.

Elected as Church Pension Fund trustees were:

  • Martha Bedell Alexander, Diocese of North Carolina;
  • The Very Rev. Tracey Lind, Diocese of Ohio;
  • The Rt. Rev. Brian Prior, Diocese of Minnesota;
  • The Rev. Thomas James Brown, Diocese of Massachusetts;
  • Sandra Swan, Diocese of East Carolina;
  • Margaret A. Niles, Diocese of Olympia;
  • Canon Anne M. Vickers, Diocese of Southwest Florida;
  • The Rt. Rev. Gregory H. Rickel, Diocese of Olympia;
  • The Rev. Canon Sandye A. Wilson, Diocese of Newark;
  • The Rev. Tim Mitchell, Diocese of Kentucky;
  • Sandra F. McPhee, Diocese of Chicago;
  • Kevin B. Lindahl, Diocese of Colorado; and
  • The Rt. Rev. Clifton Daniel III, Diocese of Pennsylvania.

The trustees of the Church Pension Fund have a role in the governance and oversight of the Church Pension Group, including the Church Pension Fund and several affiliates.  The trustees make decisions affecting investment strategy, pension policy and benefits and other Church Pension Group services.

The two clergy members elected to the Executive Council were:

  • The Rev. Canon Mally Ewing Lloyd, Diocese of Massachusetts; and
  • The Rev. Jabriel Simmonds Ballentine, Diocese of Central Florida.

The Executive Council carries out the programs and policies adopted by the General Convention, according to Canon I.4 (1)(a).  It currently comprises 38 members, 20 of whom (four bishops, four priests or deacons and 12 lay people) are elected by General Convention and 18 (one clergy and one lay each) by the nine provincial synods for six-year terms, plus the presiding bishop and the president of the House of Deputies.

Proposals are being considered at General Convention to reduce the size of the Executive Council.

— Tracy J. Sukraw is part of the Episcopal News Service team covering General Convention.