Presiding Bishop committee writes following final discernment meeting

Posted Apr 22, 2015

[Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs press release] The Episcopal Church Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop (JNCPB) has released a statement following its final discernment meeting.

The Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop (JNCPB) concluded its discernment process at a two-day meeting in Fort Worth, Texas, April 19 and 20.  The nominees will be announced on May 1 on the General Convention website and via press release and social media.

JNCPB co-chairs, Bishop Ed Konieczny, Diocese of Oklahoma, and Sally Johnson, Esq., Diocese of Minnesota, commented, “In the process of discernment, we developed a great sense of community. We came together to work prayerfully around the task in the context of worship and fellowship. We are very pleased with the work of the Committee and would look forward to serving with any one of nominees.”

The process for nominations from the floor by bishops and deputies will be forthcoming shortly. The JNCPB will release names of any additional nominees, if any, in early June.

After nearly two years of conducting its work electronically, JNCPB met in person three times in the last four months to discern the list of nominees. More than 165 people representing over 60 dioceses submitted names during the nomination period last fall.  Video conferencing and face-to-face interviews afforded the opportunity for JNCPB to get to know the candidates.

The JNCPB is composed of a lay member, a priest or deacon, and a bishop elected from each of the nine provinces of the Episcopal Church, plus two youth representatives who were appointed by the President of the House of Deputies, the Rev. Gay Clark Jennings. The General Convention deputies and bishops serve a three-year term to conclude at the close of General Convention 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah (Diocese of Utah).

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  1. Hugh Hansen PhD says:

    Will this summary be followed by a more detailed report?

  2. William A. Flint, PhD says:

    Let us pray this will be a true search for the best spiritual leader for our Church and not an attempt to make a political statement. We’ve done that to often and it hasn’t worked well for us.

  3. Stewart David Wigdor says:

    When I met with the suffergan bishops asssitant in Los Angeles I was told to study how Jesus relates to woman. This sentiment would make a man into a movie star in his heart for romance and the expression of worhip and devotion can be maginifcently shared from there. But I want to ask the Episcopal Church a question before this. Do you see a crown on my head or a robe around me, a ring on my finger of my hand or a crozier I am holding. They are invisible to you but very visible to God. For it is Jesus who I see. Thus I cannot be ashamed of Him and His Grace and Blessings. A woman understands Jesus died on a Cross for her. In the most tortuous and painful death He sacrificed Himself so her sins would be forgiven and He will come to take her to Heaven with Him. As now on the earth she lives as God’s own possession. Jesus is Love as Infinite God.

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