Pakistan primate condemns attack on churches in Youhanabad

By ACNS staff, with reports from The Church of Pakistan (United)
Posted Mar 16, 2015

[Anglican Communion News Service] Bishop Samuel Azariah, primate of The Church of Pakistan (United), has strongly condemned the bombing of two churches in the Yohanabad area of Lahore. More than 20 people have reportedly died and more than 75 are injured, many severely.

The primate called the twin attacks on Christ Church and St. John’s Catholic Church a “cowardly and inhuman act of terrorists against a religious minority in Pakistan.”

Azariah asked for prayer and urged all Christian denominations in Pakistan to stand united in this time of trial and difficulty. “We shall overcome through our love and kindness upon those who believe in evil and inhuman acts,” he said.

The Rt. Rev. Irfan Jamil, bishop of Lahore diocese, said that a joint funeral service was being planned with the Roman Catholic church.

“I thank the Anglican Communion for its support and encouragement at this difficult time,” he said. “Please continue to pray for us now and in the challenging times ahead. [Pray] for security at [the] service.”

Azariah expressed deep concern about the insecurity of minorities in the Pakistani context. He said that it was the responsibility of the State to provide security and protection to all people and especially to those who were weak, marginalized and smaller in number.

The Nation newspaper reported that all missionary schools in the country will remain closed on Monday as a sign of mourning. Special prayers were to be held for those who had lost their lives in the blasts. Christian leaders have announced that they would hold protests until the perpetrators were arrested and brought to justice.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and Interim General Secretary of the Anglican Communion Office the Rev. Alyson Barnett-Cowan have sent condolences to Jamil and assured him of the support and prayers of the Anglican Communion.

The Anglican Alliance is liaising with leaders in The Church of Pakistan and partners in the Anglican Communion to determine how best to respond.

Share your prayers for Pakistan on the prayer wall of the Anglican Communion website.


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  1. Julian Malakar says:

    It is sad and shameful for modern society to watch atrocities against Pakistani Christians day after day, year after year without any positive step other than PRAY and condemnation to stop innocent blood shed. We watched Muslims outcry around the world when an innocent blood of Muslim is shed in America or in Europe because of terrorism, why don’t we see Muslim outcry to stop repeated Christian killing in Pakistan? This is hypocrisy for modern society. Are Christians in Pakistan not human? Christians in Pakistan are very minority less than 1% and they are not obstacle for any political activities but still they are victim because of their faiths and world watch hopelessly.

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