Young Christians invited to spend ‘a year in God’s time’

Posted Mar 3, 2015

[Lambeth Palace press release] Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has opened the application process for young Christians around the world to spend “a year in God’s time” at Lambeth Palace in London.

Christians aged 20-35 have the opportunity to spend a year living together as a community inspired by the ancient monastic traditions of St. Benedict, St. Francis and St. Ignatius. They will live according to a shared Rule of Life and follow a pattern of silence, prayer, worship, study and service to the poor.

The Community of St. Anselm will initially consist of 16 people living at Lambeth Palace full-time, and up to 40 people, who live and work in London, joining part-time.

Young Anglicans from around the Communion are invited to apply to join the community – with both male and female applicants welcome.

Welby, who is the abbot of the new community, said: “I expect this venture to have radical impact – not just for the individuals who participate but for life at Lambeth Palace, across the Church and in the world we seek to serve. This is what we expect in following Jesus. I urge young people to step up: here is an open invitation to be transformed and to transform.”

The prior of the community, the Rev. Anders Litzell, said: “There will be sacrifices required. People will need to leave things behind.”

He added: “This is a question of how we can model a life of prayer and deep commitment shaped in the likeness of Christ for people who aren’t going to be monks and nuns, but who want to embody the monastic traditions, who want to draw from those deep wells and live a lifestyle influenced by that spirituality.”

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  1. John F. Smith says:

    What arrogance to say that being at Lambeth is to be on God’s time.

    1. Justin Groth says:

      I think you might have misunderstood what is meant by “God’s time,” my friend. I think the idea is that by having a rule of life centered on prayer, one is living according to God’s time as opposed to one’s own. That this new community centered on prayer happens to be at Lambeth Palace is relevant insofar as this represents Archbishop Justin’s commitment to the renewal of the Anglican Communion through the nurturing of intentional and prayerful Christian communities.

      Peace brother,


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