2 Episcopal priests among El Salvador bishop nominees

By ENS staff
Posted Aug 20, 2014

[Episcopal News Service] The Anglican-Episcopal Church of El Salvador recently named five priests, including two in the Episcopal Church, as candidates to be its next bishop.

The five nominees are:

  • The Rev. Ricardo Bernal, Diocese of El Salvador;
  • The Rev. Juan David Alvarado, Diocese of El Salvador;
  • The Rev. Juan Antonio Méndez, Diocese of El Salvador;
  • The Rev. Vidal Rivas, senior priest, St. Matthew’s/San Mateo Parish, Hyattsville, Maryland, Diocese of Washington; and
  • The Rev. Lee Alison Crawford, vicar, Church of Our Saviour at Mission Farm and canon missioner to El Salvador, Diocese of Vermont.

The person elected on Aug. 23 will succeed Bishop Martin de Jesús Barahona, who has led the diocese since 1992.

The Anglican-Episcopal Church of El Salvador is a part of Iglesia Anglicana de la Region Central de America (Anglican Church in Central America), along with the dioceses of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama.


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  1. Sandra Young says:

    The Reverend Lee Alison Crawford handled our Mothers burial and funeral arrangements in Vermont a few years ago. At my advancing age of 70ish when my Mother passed at 91, Lee took this whole family under her wing. She was an amazing light when needed, said all the right things to family that needed her boost. Mother had been cremated and Lee took her ” home” the night before the burial so she would not be alone. This spoke volumes to all of us. I am a convert to The Catholic Church but am still amazed when I think of the wonderful ceremony she performed for a woman she had never met. Mother was a very active participant at Trinity Episcopal Church in Rutland, Vt. And Lee was a ” weekend warrior” . She is so incredible. I hope her gifts will be well used in El Salvador. She is so very worthy . Sandra Young, daughter of Barbara Hubbard

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