Archbishops of Canterbury and Australia issue joint statement on Iraq

Posted Aug 14, 2014

[Lambeth Palace] Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and Archbishop of Australia Philip Freier made a joint statement on the crisis in northern Iraq during press conference in Melbourne, Australia yesterday.

The press conference took place at The Chapter House at St. Paul’s Cathedral before the inauguration of Archbishop Philip Freier as the Anglican Primate of Australia.

Archbishop Justin Welby said: 

“Ever since the war to end all wars ended in 1918, humankind have been saying “never again”, then we wring our hands as genocide unfolds in some distant corner. But what is happening right now in northern Iraq is off the scale of human horror.

“In a globalised world where even distant nations are our “neighbour”, we cannot allow these atrocities to be unleashed with impunity. And while the behaviour of the ISIS jihadis in Syria and northern Iraq is particularly savage, it is also part of rising and increasingly serious persecution of Christians and other groups in many countries.

“These groups are, rightly, rejected by the vast majority of Muslims. The struggle being faced is one for a world that can cope with diversity, and disagree without destruction. ISIS, Boko Haram and their equivalents seek only destruction for their own ends.

“The international community must document the human rights abuses in northern Iraq so that the perpetrators can later be prosecuted.

“As Anglican leaders, we cry to God for peace and justice and security throughout the world, and especially for Christians and other minority groups suffering so deeply in northern Iraq.”

Archbishop Philip Freier said:

“As Anglican Primate of Australia, I have written to the Prime Minister, Mr Tony Abbott, appreciating Australia’s rapid response  in providing aid to the displaced thousands in Iraq. I have asked him to emulate France in offering asylum to the Christians of northern Iraq who are facing forced conversion or death. I have also written to the Immigration Minister, Mr Scott Morrison, making the same request.

“I have also launched an appeal through Anglican Overseas Aid  to help provide succour and relief for those fleeing the ISIS fighters. It is reported that more than 1.2 million people have been forced to flee, plus another 200,000 Syrians who have sought refuge in northern Iraq. More than 200,000 people have been displaced in the past fortnight, including all the residents of Iraq’s largest Christian town, Qaraqosh, and a large number of the Yazidi minority group.

“Aid agencies cannot cope with the influx, and the suffering is immense. The refugees need food, water, clothes, medical supplies and much more. I ask Anglicans and others to give sacrificially.”

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  1. The Rev Donald Heacock says:

    Thank God the Church is speaking. I pray our branch will speak in the same voice.

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