Archbishop of Canterbury meets Pope Francis in Rome

Posted Jun 16, 2014

[Lambeth Palace] In their second meeting within eighteen months Pope Francis and Archbishop Justin Welby today recommitted themselves resolutely to the struggle against modern slavery and human trafficking.

Following their first meeting last year the two global leaders have continually spoken out to challenge this crime against humanity, and have acted decisively to support the foundation of the new faith based global freedom network. They both endorsed this network as a crucial force in the struggle to rid the world of a global evil.

Pope Francis and Archbishop Justin also spoke about areas in conflict and how churches around the globe are called by Christ, our reconciler, to act as peacemakers. They described their Christian passion for peacemaking in places torn apart by war, and pledged their ongoing commitment to act as agents of reconciliation and restorative justice.

The Pope and Archbishop also spoke of their appreciation of the recent work of the Anglican Roman  Catholic International Commission (ARCIC) following its meeting in South Africa. The burdens of division continue but the opportunities for new collaboration and much deeper understanding between the two world communions are compelling and timely.

Read the text of the Archbishop’s address to Pope Francis here:

Read about the Archbishop’s gifts to the Pope here:


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