Puerto Rico bishop election cancelled

By ENS staff
Posted Dec 6, 2013

[Episcopal News Service] The Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Puerto Rico cancelled the election scheduled for Dec. 7, according to a Dec. 4 statement on the diocese’s website.

“It was an extremely difficult decision, but we consider it necessary for the present well-being and future of our diocese,” the statement said.

“Together we should open a space for reflection and discussion for the strengthening of our diocese. Together we can heal the wounds this process has generated between our brothers and sisters.

“We should remember that it’s not in our time, it should be in the time of God, under his eternal guidance and direction.”

An Election Assembly previously was scheduled to elect at bishop to succeed the Rt. Rev. David Alvarez who has reached retirement age on Sept. 7, but that election was postponed. On Sept. 4, the Standing Committee issued a statement rescheduling the election for Dec. 7.

In addition the statement says that the Standing Committee has asked the Rt. Rev. Wilfrido Ramos-Orench to serve as provisional bishop. Ramos-Orench, who served as bishop suffragan in the Diocese of Connecticut from 2000-06, previously served as a provisional bishop in the Diocese of Central Ecuador. He also serves as the Episcopal Church’s global partnerships officer for Province 9.


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  1. This article assumes the reader knows something about the problem that prompted this cancellation. It doesn’t provide any explanation but alludes to wounds. A word of explanation is needed.

  2. Thomas Finlay says:

    Yes, a proper constructed news article always presumes that *someone* may be reading about the overall issue for the first time, and thus always provides some level of detail on the context. Without these considerations, a story becomes an orphaned article.

  3. David Hunn says:

    Article was not a news story as much as a crafted news release which deliberately avoided the reason for postponement and cancellation.

  4. All I can say from afar, I now live in the diocese of Guatemala was that Bishop Alvarez was a giant when I was a member in good standing of the English Congregation of San Juan Bautista, the Cathedral in Santurce…he was a great manager and kept the diocese of Puerto Rico together after the Gafcon types tried their old ¨snatch and run¨ tactics. Bishop Alvarez stopped the nonsense in Puerto Rico before it sucked the blood, and money, out of the very prosperous diocese. Whoever is called to be Bishop of Puerto Rico must be a true spiritual leader as well as a smart operations person…Bible banging hate-mongers…back off. It is also true the Bishop Alvarez brought the Episcopal Church in Puerto Rico back to TEC … fine fellow, wise bishop in many, many respects!

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