Virginia: Holy Cross Korean finds temporary home at Truro Church

By diocesan staff
Posted Aug 19, 2013

[Episcopal Diocese of Virginia press release] Church of the Holy Cross Korean will begin worshiping in the chapel at Truro Church in September,  a temporary move that will re-establish an Episcopal presence in Fairfax City.

“This is an exciting time for the members of Holy Cross Korean as they look to the future,” said the Rt. Rev. Susan E. Goff, bishop suffragan, who oversees the diocese’s Dayspring initiative. “The chapel at Truro will offer the congregation the space and flexibility it needs for worship and fellowship.” The initial agreement for Holy Cross’ use of the Truro space extends through the middle of next year.

The move to Truro will mark the end of Holy Cross Korean’s presence at St. Paul’s, Bailey’s Crossroads, in Falls Church, where the Korean congregation has been worshipping for 13 years.

“St. Paul’s and Holy Cross have forged strong ties and built meaningful relationships in their years sharing the same worship space,” said Goff. “Now, it’s time for Holy Cross to move to a new space, and I know that the congregation will be energized by this opportunity.”

Those sentiments were echoed by the Rev. Valentine Han, vicar of Holy Cross Korean. “Our arrangement with Truro means that we have our own offices and space, which is wonderful,” said Han. His congregation will join St. Paul’s in a combined service on Aug. 25 to give thanks for their partnership and to offer blessings for the Korean congregation as they embark on a new journey.

Members of the Truro congregation left the Episcopal Church in 2006. The resulting property dispute was settled in April 2012.

The terms of the settlement allow the Truro congregation to lease the property for a period agreed to by the diocese, currently through the middle of 2015, while reserving the right for the diocese to make use of the chapel on the Truro campus. “The congregation of Truro has been truly hospitable in accommodating the needs of Holy Cross,” said Goff. “We have engaged in several productive conversations with the rector and leadership team at Truro that give us great hope for an ongoing relationship built on respect and a shared love for Jesus Christ.”

The first Sunday at Truro will be Sept. 1 for Holy Cross Korean, a mission congregation that was established in 1984.