Video: Designer Juliet Hemingray on the archbishop’s vestments

By Matthew Davies
Posted Mar 21, 2013

[Episcopal News Service] The vestments worn by Archbishop of Canterbury Welby during the enthronement service were originally designed and made 21 years ago by Juliet Hemingray for the late Bishop of Peterborough Ian Cundy. They were bought as a gift for Cundy from the students and staff at Cranmer Hall, Durham, where Welby was a student.


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  1. The Rev. Harriet B. Linville says:

    Brava, Juliet! As always, your team and you have created beautiful, meaningful vestments that continue to honor God. How I am blessed to wear the vestments you have created for me. Harriet+

  2. The Reverend Jasper Green Pennington says:

    These vestments created by Juliet and company are such beautiful expressions of thought and joy and love among the daily rush of life. Thank God we have such artists to hold up the faith. Jasper+

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