CREDO offers ‘Feeding and Fasting’

Posted Jan 31, 2013

[CREDO] We celebrate a holy Lent both by taking on those disciplines that bring us closer to God, and shedding those indulgences, habits, and practices that steal our attention. There becomes during this liturgical season a holy interplay between feeding and fasting.

Seems ironic, we sometimes are fed only by fasting – by denying ourselves that which distracts us from what is truly nourishing. When we fast, we clear out space for God. We forego the diversions that keep us occupied and instead make room inside for an expanding spirit, one that is nurtured in prayer and worship and the feast of love that is offered to us.

This year, CREDO presents a series of reflections for Lent on feeding and fasting.

Four different authors drawn from the diverse CREDO faculty write in prose and poetry about the season of Lent. Through their unique voices and reflection styles, Joe Chambers, Bud Holland, Molly O’Dell, and Winnie Varghese explore feeding and fasting.

Join us this Lent for a full plate of insights. CREDO’s daily Feeding and Fasting reflections are available in both text and audio; some reflections will end with questions to ponder and some will conclude with a suggested practice.

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If you are interested in a facilitator’s guide comprised of the entire Lenten series in one PDF file, please be sure and check the facilitator’s guide box on your profile.