House of Deputies president election schedule changes

By ENS staff
Posted Jun 12, 2012

[Episcopal News Service] Episcopal Church House of Deputies President Bonnie Anderson has announced changes in the timetable for electing her successor.

The schedule for electing a new vice president of the house remains the same.

The up-to-date schedule for the elections, which will take place during the 77th meeting of General Convention July 5-12 in Indianapolis, is here.

Nominations from the House of Deputies floor for the office of president will now open on July 9 instead of July 8. This change appears to allow the deputies to then host a “meet the nominees” gathering the evening of July 9 from 6:30 to 8:30. The location will be announced.

The election for president will take place on July 10. Nominations for House of Deputies vice president will open that same day and that election will take place the next day, July 11.

Anderson announced May 23 that she would not ask convention to elect her to a third and final term as president.

The office of vice president has been open since February 2010 when the Rev. Brian Prior was ordained bishop of Minnesota. There is no canonical procedure to follow in choosing an interim vice president when the office becomes vacant between conventions. Anderson announced that she will follow the precedent established by Pamela Chinnis, who had to decide how to fill a vice presidential vacancy in 1994 during her terms as president of the House of Deputies (1991-2000).

At the organizing session of the House of Deputies on July 5, the house will elect a vice president to serve at the 77th convention. Diocese of Eau Claire Deputy Scott Kirby has agreed to be nominated to serve as vice president, Anderson has said. Other persons may also be nominated from the floor. If Kirby is elected, he has indicated that he will not stand for election for any office for the next triennium.

The president-elect and vice president-elect take office at the adjournment of the regular meeting of the House of Deputies at which they are elected and continue in office until the adjournment of the following regular meeting of the General Convention. They are both eligible to stand for election for three three-year terms in each office.