Video: Three-way global partnership a model of healing, growth

By Matthew Davies
Posted Mar 6, 2012

[Episcopal News Service] The dioceses of Gloucester in England, El Camino Real in California, and Western Tanganyika in Tanzania formed a three-way companion relationship after the bishops met at the 2008 Lambeth Conference. Since then, the partnership has blossomed into joint ministry and lasting friendships with an emphasis on what it means to be in communion with one another.

More recently, the partners have been participating in the Anglican Communion’s Continuing Indaba program, which, as an extension of the Listening Process, is exploring ways of communicating across different contexts.


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  1. The Rev. Harriet B. Linville says:

    What a blessing for all, the participants, the members of the three dioceses, the wider church, and the world. We DO share so much, and there is so much ministry to be done. May this companionship grow and be a model for others. Harriet B. Linville+, El Camino Real

  2. Bravo, Matthew for a great peek into shared mission and importantly, how easily that view is shared with a bit of well done video communication. We will share with our diocese through FaceBook and Twitter!

  3. A simple, moving and profound good news story – well worth sharing with people widely. The wonders of modern communication done well. Thank you.

  4. R.A. GARCIA says:

    VERY INTERESTING AND HIGHLY GRATIFYING. However, perhaps without adopting the COVENANT these relations might not be feasible. Lack of unity will only bring more fragmentation in the already dispersed Anglican Communion …

    1. I think rather than saying “perhaps without adopting the Covenant these relations might not be feasible” one might well say “the fact that these relations are happening without the Covenant calls into question the need for one in the first place.” This partnership was born from the face-to-face connection by three bishops at Lambeth 2008 and has grown not because of any precise document detailing the rules of engagement, but because of the developing relationships between the three dioceses.

  5. Robert Misson says:

    There isn’t much to add to the joyful writings above, except thanks from my wife and me for this lovely glimpse of Christians from around the world enjoying each others company. Are we finally getting it right?
    If there is a video-recording of the entire Ash Wednesday service, we would love to know if it may be viewed/downloaded.
    Thank you again. May the partnership prosper.
    Robert and Carol Misson (El Camino Real)

  6. The Rev. Gladys Dennis says:

    How wonderful to see Bishops setting an example. I’ve always believed that we have wasted time and energy in looking at our differences. Our sameness in Christ is what matters. If all Christians would only focus on that, we would truly win the world for Christ! Let’s pray for this 3-way companion relationship and that more of these relationships can develop. Amen!

  7. The Rev. Mary B. Blessing says:

    Thank you for your gracious leadership, Bishop Mary, Bishop Michael and Bishop Sadak. You have truly “shown us the way”, centered in Christ’s love. Bless you.

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