Statement from St. Paul's Cathedral following Occupy camp eviction

Posted Feb 28, 2012

The following statement was issued by St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, after Occupy protestors camped outside the building were evicted on the evening of Feb. 28. The encampment, which has been in place since Oct. 15, was removed in what the police have called a “largely peaceful” operation.

Statement from St. Paul’s Cathedral

In the past few months, we have all been made to re-examine important issues about social and economic justice and the role the cathedral can play.  We regret the camp had to be removed by bailiffs but we are fully committed to continuing to promote these issues through our worship, teaching and Institute.

The cathedral is open today and set aside for prayer and reflection.  The cathedral is accessible to everyone.  The area currently cordoned off is for essential repairs to damaged paving.

Clergy are available throughout the day for pastoral care and support.


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    No Episcopal Church need apologize to the demonstrators of the Occupy Movement. These shiftless trouble makers would better themselves and the world if they switched their efforts to securing employment (probably necessitating life-style changes they are unwilling to make). No one is owed an income. It must be earned.
    F. W. GThewalt

    1. Susan Butler says:

      I don’t know about the conditions where you are, but there are many people here who would like nothing more than a job. Even when jobs become available, many do not provide adequate income for rent, food, and transportation.

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