Province IX

  1. Elias Garcia Cardenas elected 5th bishop of Colombia
    Posted Oct 4, 2022
  2. Diocese of Puerto Rico to join Province II, pending General Convention approval
    Posted Sep 22, 2021
    By ENS staff
  3. Episcopal leaders join calls for peace in Colombia amid clashes between police, protesters
    Posted May 14, 2021
    By David Paulsen
  4. New Executive Director of El Hogar Projects in Honduras Announced
    Posted Feb 3, 2020
    El Hogar Ministries
  5. Puerto Rico earthquakes severely damage churches
    Posted Jan 8, 2020
    By Egan Millard
  6. Mississippians teach Hondurans glass art trade as dioceses deepen longtime partnership
    Posted Oct 28, 2019
    By David Paulsen
  7. Jóvenes Episcopales live out the Way of Love at Panama gathering
    Posted Jul 22, 2019
    By Lynette Wilson
  8. EJE19 to bring young Episcopalians from Spanish-speaking dioceses together in Panama
    Posted Apr 26, 2019
    By David Paulsen
  9. EJE19: Episcopal Youth Event
    Posted Nov 2, 2018
    Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs
  10. Diocese of Litoral Ecuador announces search for its third bishop
    Posted May 24, 2018
  11. Fueron anunciados los miembros del Equipo de Planificación del Evento de Jóvenes Episcopales 2019 (EJE19)
    Posted Apr 18, 2018
  12. Latin America bishops call on US to ‘love the stranger’ in statement on immigration policies
    Posted Feb 5, 2018
  13. Presiding Bishop in Puerto Rico exchanges messages of hope as struggles persist after hurricane
    Posted Jan 5, 2018
    By David Paulsen
  14. El Obispo Primado intercambia mensajes de esperanza en Puerto Rico mientras persisten los problemas después de...
    Posted Jan 5, 2018
    Por David Paulsen
  15. Companion dioceses work to rebuild Puerto Rico
    Posted Dec 22, 2017
    By Dan Webster
  16. Iglesia Episcopal Dominicana Ordena Nuevos Ministros a la Sagrada Orden del Diaconado y Presbiterado
    Posted Sep 19, 2017
    Por Ruth Ferreras
  17. Rafael L. Morales Maldonado consecrated bishop of Puerto Rico
    Posted Aug 2, 2017
  18. One year after earthquake, Ecuador continues to rebuild
    Posted Apr 25, 2017
    By Clara Villatoro
  19. Ecuador continúa su reconstrucción un año después del terremoto
    Posted Apr 12, 2017
    Por Clara Villatoro
  20. Diocese of Puerto Rico notified of successful canonical consent process
    Posted Mar 22, 2017